New website, new logo

After 5 years of existence we finally decided to start a new chapter of PLdesign with a website. But because I was literally sick of our old logo (that was actually my first personal logo) I wanted to create a new one that suited our brand. But the road to achieve that wasn’t as easy as I thought. I tried several different variations and designs but nothing worked. I was returning to some of my sketches and mockups in Photoshop for many months. I just couldn’t get a logo that I was pleased with. Until this year.

It started from just two circles and two rectangulars. Looking at it now it looks so simple to make. We made some adjustments to figure out the right balance between the letters. We had the most trouble with the lenght of letter L. At the end we found out that it’s best to use 1/4 of the circle. After the logo was done in vector, Mateja gave the idea to incorporate sparkles and it came out really nice. I am happy with our new logo. Hope you like it too.